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Internet. The Beijing-based incubator helps startups secure capital and other resources.According to Liu, venture capitalists today see an opportunity for Chinese startups to establish a presence in the market, as demand for ▓tailor-made AI chips grows exponentially and it becomes less complicated to design such p▓rocessors.Existing chips that run AI software,

such as Nvidia's graphi▓cs chips, are expensive and hard to deploy into devices.That's why companies like DeePhi are marching into the sector. The Beijing▓-based startup is running against the clock to produce AI chips that can help self-driving automobiles recognize pedes

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al last year▓. It has already unveiled a slate of software products, and its chips are designed to provide in-house solutions to help its products to achieve better performance and lowe▓r production costs."It is difficult for a single Chinese company to take on Nvidia given our currently limited chip talent pool

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